Live Blog Issue 8

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Wow Pio Community! Sorry to surprise you all tonight but we’ve moved production night up a day so that we still have the help of all our important staff members who are leaving tomorrow for the ACP Conference. While they’re in Austin, TX, we’ll all be able to enjoy the fruits of the labor that’s happening right now. Here’s a peak into what we’re up to tonight.


7:09 PM: “My whole family is just the embodiment of farts” – Anthony (copy editor)

7:12 PM: That was a great way to get the night started off. Currently just a few people have graced the Pio offices with their presence, but we’re expected many more soon. Keep checking back for pictures! Exciting quotes! Bad Jokes! And good rhymes.

7:45 PM: My agenda to include as much sports-related content is working. Check out our poll on the right side of the homepage and vote for which team you want to win the World Series!

7:47 PM: Andrew Schwartz has entered the building. This fascinating member of the Pio Radio Hour team recently got a tattoo on his bicep (it’s a big tattoo).

8:05 PM: Maggie Baker, art director extraordinaire, just came in drinking a milkshake/coffee drink. It’s going to be a long night.

8:45 PM: News editor Lachlan continues to check with writers about certain articles, while the copy editors close in on completing their final check of the paper.

10:30 PM: This is turning into one of the later production nights we’ve had this year. Here’s a nice picture of Marra Clay trying on some of our beautiful new hats!


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