An Uninfected Party (and a brief introduction)

Lindsey Holdren

Ridiculous title, I know, but I’m victoriously celebrating the end of my bout with bronchitis (20 ish hour flights and infected bronchi mix about as well as orange juice and mint toothpaste). Also, I promise that this blog* will not be one giant Hobbit pun, though there will certainly be more references. I’m visiting Hobbiton and I love the books and films, so allusions are inevitable. And if I spy any hairy children, well, I’ll probably mention a sighting of wee Hobbitses. Speaking of children, check this out: New Zealand vs. Aussie Kids. Just listen to those amazing accents that are even more irresistible coming from little kids. Now that you’ve seen this video, don’t be surprised if I come back with a Kiwi-accented child (don’t worry, Mum- it wouldn’t be my own biological child, of course; 8 months is too short a time for a gestation period let alone for conditioning a baby to speak in such dulcet tones).

When I’m not busy eavesdropping on native New Zealanders, I’ll be: traveling around with my family for two weeks in December, going to “summer” school from January to mid-February, and then filling my brain/soul with knowledge/life during a February-July semester.

*I have a slight aversion to the word “blog.” It’s sort of bulbous and cacophonous, and it makes me think of a gelatinous blob where angst-ridden teens spill their every nuanced and tedious thought. Perhaps I’ll call my smatterings of writings and photos a “Smaug”… it basically rhymes with “blog” and indulges my current Hobbit-high state. I’ll tell my new friends that I can’t party tonight because I have to do some serious Smaugging. I see it now: rumors will fly, I’ll drink in the delicious confusion, “Smaugging” will become the latest trend and I’ll get paid for my genius and finally be able to afford college. And food.