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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Time-traveling study-abroad students from Class of 2067 arrive

Time-traveling study-abroad students from Class of 2067 arrive

George Groebner, I’m you from the future February 1, 2024

As Whitman’s colorful cast of campus characters reshuffles with the return and departure of various studiers-abroad, many students are noticing a group of gangling goggle-wearers marveling at the...

Photo contributed by Aidan Schutter.

Whitties embark on off-campus studies trips, overcoming obstacles posed by the pandemic

Zac Bentz, Campus Life Editor September 23, 2021

Despite the fact that the pandemic has posed a distinct obstacles to travel for the better part of two years, students studying abroad through Whitman’s Off-Campus Studies program have found their travels...

My study abroad experience during a global pandemic

Kiara Paninos, Staff Writer October 1, 2020

Getting the email in March that my IES Abroad program was suspended because of a virus was surreal. I knew other study abroad programs were being canceled around the world, but that would never happen...

Illustration by Elie Flanagan

Across the world and back again: Students return to Whitman

Malia Brooks and Eleanor Dudley February 6, 2020

The start of a new semester brings the return of Whitman faces both new and old, from places near and far. This spring, many students are returning from time away and abroad. As they transition back to...

Global Studies Initiative Revamp Receives Faculty Approval

Nick Maahs, News Reporter March 6, 2018

The Global Studies Initiative has been revamped and approved by the faculty to resume operation after parts were placed on hold for external review during the 2016-2017 academic year. Starting in the fall,...

Students Take Caution to Avoid Zika Virus

Students Take Caution to Avoid Zika Virus

Marra Clay, Publisher April 14, 2016
The Zika virus requires caution for students traveling abroad.

Movie Review: The Motorcycle Diaries

Megan Hearst March 10, 2016
Regardless of the viewer's political stance, The Motorcycle Diaries is a beautiful film to look at, and a perfect advertisement for the countries Guevara and Granado explore.

Thoughts before getting on a plane

Linnaea Weld January 31, 2015

It is Saturday morning and I am enjoying one last sunny Oakland morning. Upstairs, two friends from Whitman are sleeping sound after the long drive from campus to wish me off. What is going on? Tonight...

Disparities in Study Abroad

Sarah Cornett January 29, 2015

Anyone who's studied abroad knows that the pool typically doesn't represent the average American college student population. Many programs abroad attract students with a fairly consistent background––most...

That Guy Who Went to Seoul

Sarah Cornett January 29, 2015

Article by  Allie Donahue "I don't want to be that guy," said Sam Curtis, junior BBMB major, and recent graduate of the Seoul, South Korea program with the Council on International Educational Exchange...

ISP Reflections: Part 2

Maya Volk January 13, 2015

Although my last post promised a follow-up on how my ISP ended, as you may notice I've taken a little longer to post again. I'm not sure if I'm even technically allowed to keep posting as I have returned...

Great Wall of China


Rachel Palfini June 12, 2014

I'm heading back to the US on Saturday, which means my study abroad experience is almost officially over. I was talking with another CIEE student and it is really weird to think that it is almost over...

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