Style Spotlight: Lindsey Holdren ’15

cade beck

Every week, The Pioneer searches out Whitties who bring an extra splash of fashion consciousness and sartorial daring to campus. This week’s Style Spotlight: first-year film and media studies major Lindsey Holdren.

Credit: Cade Beck

Style Soundbites

“My hat is actually my sister’s: it’s so old-fashioned, so I kind of enjoy it. My gloves are from Fireworks: it’s a store, there’s a lot of them in Seattle. My shoes are from Modcloth, which is like, the only store that I splurge at. It’s got vintage clothing, and it’s super cute.”

“I wear this necklace like every day. It’s a lauburu, which is a Basque symbol. My family hosted Basque students a lot, and my best friend lived in Spain for a little bit and brought this back for me.”

“Sometimes my outfit consists of the first thing I see. I usually end up picking out one thing that I really want to wear, and then I base the rest of my outfit off it. I like vintage looks, not quite hipster, but bordering on there, even hippie sometimes . . . sometimes a sporty dress or two, or I’ll just wear sweats, or leggings.”

“I guess people should dress to kind of have an outward expression of their inner self. I don’t really look at fashion magazines or famous people: actually, the first time I got inspired to dress nicely was just one of my best friends who’s super stylish. Mostly I get inspiration from my friends.”

Credit: Cade Beck
Credit: Cade Beck