Style Spotlight: Bella Zarate ’14

cade beck

Every week, The Pioneer  searches out Whitties who bring an extra splash of fashion consciousness and sartorial daring to campus. This week’s Style Spotlight: sophomore psychology major and double economics and Spanish minor Bella Zarate.

Credit: Cade Beck

Style Soundbites:

“My shoes: I was supposed to go to a conference in Olympia, to go meet our senator, or something like that, in high school. I didn’t have any black heels at all, so the day before I was supposed to leave, I looked everywhere to get heels and they were all really expensive, like, $70 for a pair of black heels that I was only needing for that conference. So I ended up waiting to get them in the morning I was leaving, so I looked everywhere again, and I ended up at Payless with my mom. She was like, ‘No, we should have come here in the first place,’ and of course you always try to talk your parents out of, like, ‘Don’t try to choose my stuff,’ so I fought her, and finally we went in, and I found the pair of black heels, that I kind of get a lot of compliments on, now that I look back! They were only, like, $20, tops.”

“My belt actually came with a dress that I have, that I don’t really like as much. I took it off of that piece of clothing, so I could put it onto other things. I like to mix and match.”

“My shirt I got pretty recently. I have hardly worn it and didn’t realize I had it. I got it in Spokane on a weekend trip with some friends. I got it at . . . maybe Forever 21? Forever 21 or Papaya. Or Wet Seal. Those three are really good stores to go to if you’re looking for pieces of accessories, or things to mix and match, ’cause they’re not, like, $50 for a top.”

“I get influenced by other people’s looks, or through magazines. ‘Glamour,’ ‘Seventeen’. . . the thing about ‘Seventeen,’  is I like that they have just a page of articles of clothing, that you can try. In ‘Glamour,’ I just like how they model the clothing, and they have a bunch of really cute clothing all the time.”

Credit: Cade Beck
Credit: Cade Beck