New Personal Fitness blog aimed for all Whitties

Personal Fitness

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The sports team will be publishing a new personal fitness blog (this is the maiden post) aimed towards giving advice, support, or ideas to any Whitty out there looking to work out more. Hopefully, we’ll be working with the varsity training staff to coordinate a weekly advice column. Until then, if you have any questions about what machines are most effective in Baker Ferguson, what excercises should you be focusing on to maximize strenghth in a certain area, or how to eat healthy to compliment the work you put in at Baker Ferguson, feel free to email them to me, Andy Jobanek, sports editor, at [email protected]

A major contributor to the blog will be Pioneer staff reporter Shannon Buckham who recently challenged herself to work on more machines in the weight room. Shannon can tell you more about her personal motivation herself.

Readers of the Pioneer outside of the Whitman bubble are welcome to join in the discussion too. Better personal fitness is a universal goal and an annual new year’s resolution for many people; it is our goal then to help people maintain those goals as some resolutions begin to fade.

-Andy Jobanek