Presenting: Our Editorial Staff

Rachel Alexander

One of the best parts of my job is getting to work with a such talented and fun group of editors. In our non-Pio lives, we’re involved in many different activities on campus––varsity athletics, theater productions, Greek life, the Outdoor Program––and we bring these diverse interests together every week to put together a newspaper.

As part of our ongoing quest to put a human face on our staff, we’ve re-vamped our staff page to include photos and bios for the editorial team. Curious which editor can make the best pun about hail? Would you be surprised to learn that our A&E editor hasn’t heard of that cool band from Brooklyn you’re all talking about? Want to know who’s secretly afraid of squirrel attacks, and who holds the current Pio record for longest distance biked for an interview? (Hint: that last one is yours truly, which is shocking, because I’m terrible at biking.)

Check out our staff page and get to know our editors a bit better. We are, aggregated together, a surprisingly attractive group of people.