The Editors’ Blog is back!

Rachel Alexander

Outside of Greek groups, The Pioneer is the largest student organization on campus––74 paid staff members, as of my last count––but on a campus this full of busy, high-achieving people, it’s easy to forget that your section-mates or friends work for the campus paper. Last year, our editors started this blog as a way of putting a face on the work we do to put out the paper that you pick up on Thursday afternoons.

Our goal for the Editors’ Blog is simple: to give you a sense what goes into producing our weekly paper, as well as our award-winning website and glossy quarterly magazine, The Circuit. Over the course of the semester, you can expect to see two or three updates per week from different editors and managers. We’ll post staff photos, outline plans for the future and talk about what we enjoy about the work we do. The sum of these pieces is a meta-record of sorts––an attempt to record the process of recording campus news.

Some of you may have heard about our legendary Production Nights––the Wednesday evenings and nights (and early Thursday mornings) we spend in the office, laying out the paper, writing headlines and making sure everything’s in good shape. Last semester, a number of blog posts came from the mythical land of production night. We’ve decided to move the silliness to a separate Production Night Blog, which we’ll be updating on Wednesdays. If you want to see just how well Feature Editor Adam Brayton can do the Popcorn Dance, or are curious to hear Managing Editor Libby Arnosti’s liveblog account of the entire process, tune in here (we’ll have new updates starting on Sept. 26, 2012).

We hope you’ll continue to read The Pio itself, as well as our Editors’ Blog. We’ve got a lot going on this semester: conferences in Chicago, visiting journalists, more web content than ever-before and a relatively young editorial staff that’s excited to share their experiences with you. Keep your eyes peeled for updates here––we promise to keep you in the loop.