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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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What’s in a Name?

A couple weeks ago, Whitman hosted a concert for the bands Kitten and Shy Girls. Shy Girls turned out to be a bunch of men, while Kitten played alternative rock that certainly did not make anyone think of a cuddly feline. However, both names somewhat fit the bands; Shy Girls played a kind of seductive, thoughtful R&B that would probably woo many a shy girl, while Kitten looked like a group of hipsters who probably love looking at kitten memes online. The manner in which their names complement their music changes one’s perception of the music. Here are a list of some other great names of artists and groups, both in how cool the name is by itself and how it relates to the actual music:

Wu-Tang ClanThe name embodies the group’s unique music, aesthetic, and philosophy. It’s not easy to put a label on a group of martial arts-obsessed rappers from Staten Island, but Wu-Tang Clan does a pretty good job. Also, the group includes Ghostface Killah who has one of the greatest and most absurd names ever.

Nirvana- The name invokes ideas of peace, which provides an interesting juxtaposition to the powerful, violent grunge that Nirvana produced. The name makes one think that there is more to their music than the head thrashing and screaming, and it turns out there very much is.

Earl Sweatshirt- Earl is an old man’s name, and despite being 19 years old, Earl is an old soul, rapping calmly with dense, intricate lyrics. However, he’s also very young and a member of the very juvenile Odd Future collective, so the Sweatshirt surname puts a childish twist on the moniker.

Arcade Fire- The band is composed a bunch of dorky looking white people who totally look like they would hang out at an arcade. They also make very passionate music that they take pretty seriously, so fire seems like an appropriate addendum. But really, this is a great name because an arcade fire is just a very cool, vibrant image.

2 Chainz- This isn’t that spectacular of a name, but it shows how important a name can be for an artist’s career. There’s a reason that 2 Chainz is so famous and successful now but was toiling in relative obscurity under his former name, Tity Boi (hint: his name isn’t Tity Boi anymore).

Jay Z- Saying “Jay Z” makes me feel super cool, so I can only imagine how cool Jay Z feels when people call him “Jay Z.” Just say it a few times and feel how it rolls off the tongue. “Jay Z.”

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