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From breasts to chests: FAH invites men to casting event

Credit: Jea Alford

On Saturday, April 16,  Whitman College students will use plaster to immortalize their chests in a mold to raise money for charity.

This annual event hosted by the Fine Arts House is now open to both men and women.

“Chest casting is open to everyone. The name was changed from ‘breast casting’ to ‘chest casting’ to be all-inclusive,” said junior Julia Schneider, Resident Advisor for the FAH.

However, this change in name does not always result in a stronger male contingent at the event.

“I know there has always been a male chest casting section, but when I organized it only two guys showed up compared to around 50 women,” said former Resident Advisor of the Fine Arts House junior Olivia Molden.

The FAH has hosted this program for several years, making it a Whitman tradition.

“Chest casting is a traditional FAH program, and I think because it’s such a good cause, each house has been interested in keeping it up,” said Schneider.

The fundraiser is a two-part event; the first step involves the actual casting process, while the second involves decoration.

“Our house will have two casting areas for people to apply the plaster strips, and since it takes a while for the casts to dry, we’re having [students] pick them up later,” said Schneider.

On Saturday, April 23, students will have another opportunity to personalize their mold, making their own artistic mark on the project.

“The following Saturday we’ll be hosting a painting colony for anyone to come and paint, but specifically they can paint their chest casts,” said Schneider.

In order to make this program a fund raising activity, the Fine Arts House charges three dollars for each casting, which will go towards benefiting Walla Walla’s St. Mary Community Breast Center.

“The center helps with woman’s health and breast cancer,” said Schneider.
The money goes toward helping make treatment more affordable.

“They always really appreciate having Whitman students be involved in fund raising for their center. They say it goes to help pay for helpers and for free treatments for women who usually cannot afford the process,” said Molden.

FAH residents hope students will donate their time and money to the project, which serves multiple purposes.

“I think it’s very empowering for some people and a good experience to get comfortable with your body and learn to love it,” said Schneider. “In addition, I hope some students do it because it’s a great cause.”

The process usually results in a relic that the participant can show off pride.

“The whole event casting and painting is a lot of fun. Some people are really hesitant at first to come in and join but when they see everyone else with their tops off laughing it makes for quite a welcoming entrance,” said Molden. “I know quite a few people who are really proud of their chest castings and hang them up in their rooms. I gave one to my grandma who loves it and has it hanging in her kitchen.”

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