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Aldahleh Seeks Support for Possible EMS Program

Andy Monserud, Investigative Director
December 4
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A first-year ASWC senator is in the process of creating a student-run volunteer emergency medical service. Omar Aldahleh began work on planning a service that would provide rapid-response aid to minor medical issues on campus just before he came to Whitman. Aldahleh recently brought up for the servi...

Alcohol at Whitman: Blues and Booze

Katharine Gillen and Olivia Gilbert
November 10
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Ever dreamed of grabbing a beer with a professor or fellow student after class at a convenient on-campus location? Although it’s not yet possible, seniors Mitchell Cutter and Spencer Mueller seek to make that dream a reality. As part of their larger vision of an on-campus bar, this Friday, Nov. 11, C...

ASWC plans for Health Center Advisory Board

Jeremy Alexander
February 26
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ASWC representatives are preparing a resolution to create an advisory committee for the Welty Health Center. The resolution, written by junior ASWC Senators Olivia Hagel and Nick Hochfeld, is expected to come before the Senate on March 8. The Welty Health Center is open 24 hours a day and provides...

Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Helen Angell
February 13
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Thirteen concussions were reported to the Dean of Students in Fall 2013, a sharp increase from previous years. This number is shocking, but it might not indicate an increasing number of head injuries on campus. Rather, students and staff believe that higher numbers were reported last semester because of heighte...

Health Center offers free flu vaccinations for staff and faculty

Elise Tinseth
October 4
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On Oct. 2, Health Center staff, with funding from the Human Resources Center, gave a free flu shot clinic to all staff and faculty members in hopes to make vaccination convenient and to encourage people to stay healthy during flu season. Director of the Health Center Claudia Ness, along with other...

Health Center creates student Incidence Response Squad

Health Center creates student Incidence Response Squad

Joe Volpert
October 21
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The Welty Health Center created a new position that allows EMT-Basic or Red Cross First Aid certified students to work in the health center. The position, part of the Incidence Response Squad, was just created this year. In previous years, the health center employed students to help with clerical work, yet this year they augmented the scope and qualifications of the job. Th...

Flu hits Whitman campus hard, H1N1 vaccine near

Flu hits Whitman campus hard, H1N1 vaccine near

Lea Negrin
November 5
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The Health Center saw 68 students with influenza-like symptoms last week, the peak weekly number since the beginning of the semester. As of 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 27 total cases had come to the Health Center this week, including the weekend. The decrease in students with the flu this week has ...

Flu response poses different illness

Galen Bernard
November 4
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Whitman, we are taking the wrong approach to the flu. Students being isolated to the degree that one friend of mine recently went three days without physical contact with another person is not healthy. A brief one-arm hug should not trigger tears of thanks because the recipient has so missed human touch. In...

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