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The Whitman Wire is hiring!

Join the biggest student organization on campus! You’ll build your resume, meet great people, and learn a ton about Whitman itself, media, and what it takes to produce an exciting and award-winning product of student journalism. If you’re jazzed about writing, illustration, photography, radio, design, or advertising, we’re willing to bet that you’d enjoy being on the Wire team.

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below – click the title of the job that interests you for a link to the application download and instructions for submission. Contact Tywen Kelly and Martina Pansze at [email protected] questions.

All editor and managerial positions are paid by stipend. You are welcome to apply for multiple positions.

Section Editor Applications

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Feature Editor

Humor Editor

Illustration Editor

News Editor 

Opinion Editor

Sports Editor


Production Applications

Photography Editor

Production Manager Editor

Chief Copy Editor

Managing Editor

Web Editor


Business Positions

Advertising Manager




Whitman news since 1896