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The Circuit: The in-between

From The Wire‘s leadership: 

The Wire’s editorial board selected “The In-Between” for the theme of this year’s Circuit, the annual end-of-year magazine where editors and staff members have the opportunity to contribute in any way they want, no matter their job title. After the publication of 22 print newspaper issues, The Circuit allows Wire staff to experiment with magazine-style journalism and explore new forms of writing, illustration, photography and podcasting. 

Our 2022 theme reflects our uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, this stage of our lives and the state of the world. “The In-Between” also seeks to break out of binaries and celebrates middle areas, reminding us that we don’t always have to be either/or, here or there or this or that. The possibilities located in the gray areas and middle grounds are vast and valuable. These stories reiterate the importance of embracing complexity and remaining open to nuance. 

This issue explores asexuality, mourning and maturity, among many other topics. Some contributors approached their topics with seriousness and sincerity, while others employed humor and playfulness. Writers and editors took on new roles and worked outside their comfort zones, and we’re thrilled to share their work. 

We’re grateful for the Whitman community’s continued support, and to the new and returning staff members who have made The Wire what it is. As we leave our leadership roles, we’re optimistic about The Wire’s future work in keeping the campus and community informed. We hope these stories bring comfort, challenge assumptions and provoke insight.  

Allison Cohen and Renny Acheson

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, 2021-2022



Inside Yik Yak micro-influencers: “How do I turn this Yakarma into cold hard cash?” by Grace Jackson

What it’s like to transition at Whitman by Sammy Fitts

Traveling and teaching abroad: Whitman seniors receive Fulbright Grants and Watson Fellowship by Renny Acheson



The Master’s Tools: Overcoming the awkward in-between of theory and practice by Lee Thomas

I’m asexual and no that does not mean I am a plant by Charlotte Elliott

A reflection on the lost years: Jumping from first-year to upperclassman by Jaime Fields

Loss and mourning: Grieving as a college student by Marian Sandoval Lemus



Next steps and a look back for the class of ’22 by Shara Carranza-Ornelas



In between presidents: Kathy Murray v. Sarah Bolton by Rachel Husband

On the ethics of stealing from parties by Beth Kutina

BPK’s guide to surviving being a third wheel by Ben Kearney

Too old to goof around, too young to be square: Walking the tightrope of silliness by Conor Bartol

Whitman majors as biological phyla by Rachel Husband