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Unfair: Whitman Student Has Ridiculously Productive Break

Illustration by Nathaly Pérez
November 29, 2018

  "I am just as surprised and relieved as you are!"      Whitman junior Rodney Rodnus exclaimed and assumed of the interviewer regarding his shockingly productive Thanksgiving break. Rodney is...

What is Work Study?

Faith Photo by Henry Honzel
February 2, 2017

Regardless of whether they receive work study or not, ask the average Whittie to define ‘work study,’ and chances are they will have a difficult time answering completely. While most know the term...

Trump’s policies hurt international students

Illustration by Taylor Penner-Ash
January 26, 2017

After the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, many international students have started to worry about their future in this country and whether they are welcome here any longer....

Life After Whitman: recent graduates pursue interests in Walla Walla

Pictured: Jack Swain
December 8, 2016

Post-Whitman life may be difficult for some students to imagine, but it is only a handful of years (or less) away for each of us. While Whitman graduates spread out all over the country and globe, we catch...

Dear Mom: Finding a place at Whitman

October 27, 2016

Dear Mom, College is not all that I was expecting it to be. I am enjoying my classes, getting to know people and working hard, but I thought I would be having the time of my life, and that’s just...

Whitman College Provides More than Meets the Eye

February 11, 2016
When people say that Whitman’s curriculum does not provide tangible skills that apply to a specific job, they are forgetting that many jobs often have more than one type of skill incorporated into them.

For the Love of Learning

January 28, 2016
At some point along the road – I suspect in high school – I started going through the motions instead of actually feeling anything.

Sheehan Gallery showcases visiting artists’ interdisciplinary artworks

Sheehan Gallery showcases visiting artists' interdisciplinary artworks
February 26, 2015

On Feb. 23 the next art exhibition will arrive at the Sheehan Gallery. While artist lectures have taken place all year as part of The Hand and The Machine series, this will be the first time that the...

Come join WEB to cuddle out the Valentine’s Day blues!

February 14, 2013

To All Lonely Whitties, Come join WEB to cuddle out the Valentine's Day blues! WEB is hosting a cuddle puddle this Valentine's Day to promote healthy touching, consent and care. The Valentine's...

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