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Whitman Connection to Schools

Alyssa Ortiz (top), Leah Samuels (left) and Lauren Schaefer (right) all work to connect Whitman with local schools in Walla Walla.

Sophie Leibsohn, Staff Reporter

November 29, 2018

Lauran Schaefer, the head of the debate program at Whitman, doesn’t see it as just an ordinary extracurricular activity. It is also an activity that builds skills, confidence and community. This community is now being extended to Walla Walla High School as Schaefer is working to help with their d...

Whitties transition from volunteer vacations to local philanthropy

Sandra Matsevilo

October 6, 2011

While the Center for Community Service can help students find volunteer opportunities in Walla Walla to participate in on a consistent basis, they also organize special trips and projects including Summer Community Outreach Excursions (SCORE), Spring Service Trips and Spring Service Day. In general,...

Exploring volunteer opportunities off the beaten path

Credit: Cade Beck

Molly Emmett

October 6, 2011

Although Whitman students are involved in many volunteer organizations every year, some groups receive more outside attention than others. There is no doubt that programs like Storytime and Habitat for Humanity are popular because of their direct appeal to young adults, but there are numerous other op...

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