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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Psychoanalyzing my Spotify Wrapped

Conor Bartol, I’m a Freud this is the end December 8, 2022

This is the time of year where everyone shares their Spotify Wrapped, but I’m not stopping there. Behold, for your entertainment and edification, my top five songs of 2022 as a guide to my labyrinthian...

Do you blindly love Joe Rogan? Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Scout Hutchinson, Opinion Editor February 17, 2022

Content warning: Videos linked in this article contain extremely offensive and racist language. In the past couple of weeks one name in the news has become unavoidable, whether it is his thoughts on...

Illustration by Ally Kim.

Why wrap presents when you can wrap Spotify?

Emma Foley and Zoe Schacter-Brodie December 9, 2021

On Dec. 1, Instagram users flooded their stories with variations on the same template: a purple or black or blue or green background, a looping “2021” in a funky font, a list of musical artists and...

Illustration by Allyson Kim.

Staying connected through playlists

Heleana Backus, A&E Reporter November 12, 2020

From playlists like “cleaning out my first-year dorm while it rains” to “daisies in my toes!”, playlists by members of the Whitman community are creative time-capsules, gifts and ways to connect...

Spotify Versus iTunes

Spotify Versus iTunes

Adam Heymann September 16, 2013
In the past year, Spotify has changed the face of music. But before that, iTunes reigned supreme. So who will be remembered? Or is there a place in history for both?
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