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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Photo by Sailor Harris

Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Ethnogeology Class

Nat Lange, Science & Environment Editor February 22, 2024

When I walked into Hall of Science Room 116 on Tuesday, Feb. 13, the consistent thump of mortar against pestle punctuated the classroom air. Tribal Elder Cultural Instructor Jim Baugh (Cherokee/Lakota/Arikara)...

Illustration by Paloma Link

The Visceral Meets the Objective: How Can Art and Science Complement Each Other?

Alicia Buchter, Science & Environment Editor November 9, 2023

Amino acid chains, cellular intestines, bubbling beakers filled with colorful liquid and E. Coli bacteria were depicted in stickers spread around the STEM hub after last week’s admitted students...

Illustration by Helios Santoro

QUIZ: How well do you hide that you’re a STEM major?

Grace Canny, science building enjoyer September 21, 2023

  Have you ever woken up in a haze in the Science building student lounge, parts of your problem set tattooed on your face? Have you ever worn those silly little, uh, the special glasses that...

Guest presenter brings computational neuroscience and biomedicine to campus

Tasha Hall, Campus Life Reporter February 23, 2023

On Feb. 13, Caltech MD-PhD candidate and Whitman alumnus Whitney Griggs '13 presented his work based on his interests in brain-machine interfaces. Griggs’ talk was about using ultrasound as a novel...

Photo by Chloe Collins.

Science Stories: Bringing science to a studio near you

Tasha Hall, Campus Life Reporter October 27, 2022

One of the most important skills involved with being a scientist is the ability to effectively convey information to a general audience. All the big questions must be easily answered without convoluted...

STEM and the liberal arts

Gavin Victor, Columnist May 13, 2020

In “This Is Water,” David Foster Wallace writes, “there are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, ‘Morning,...

Photos by Dana Kendrick

Whitman professors adapt to online learning

Grace Jackson, Staff Reporter April 10, 2020

The faculty and staff of Whitman College spent spring break preparing for the transition to online learning forced by the global outbreak of COVID-19. One of the core features of Whitman and other liberal...

The greenhouse open house, which occurred on Feb. 7, was curated by biology students and professors with the intent to display the educational importance of the greenhouse. Photos by Amara Garibyan

Greenhouse opens house

Abby Malzewski, Staff Reporter February 13, 2020

On Friday, Feb. 7, the greenhouse located off the Hall of Science building opened its doors to the public, giving visitors the opportunity to take tours of the plant-filled space.  Two students working...

Whitman unveils new Environmental Studies–Hypocrisy major to accommodate vegan, H&M-wearing students

AE, Hamburglar's Cousin February 5, 2018

Thursday, 9 a.m.  PST Whitman College has officially unveiled its new major, Environmental Studies-Hypocrisy, in order to accommodate a growing population of ES students who wish to discuss environmental...

Illustration by Claire Revere

Taking on Trumpism

Alex Brockman and Olivia Gilbert February 16, 2017

In the weeks since the inauguration of President Trump, a lot has happened. With so much change, grappling with the events unfolding under the Trump administration is challenging. From the disciplines...

Robot Penguin Rover

Robot Penguin Rover

Jessica Parker November 11, 2014

In the latest Zoological news, baby penguin robots are conducting research on unsuspecting king, and emperor penguins. King penguins look very similar to their larger cousins the emperor penguins. King...

©2013 AMNH, Photo by Roderick Mickens

Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks Science with The Pioneer

Aleida Fernandez September 11, 2014
According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, science is cool again. With it becoming ever more popular in news outlets and popular culture, Tyson is confident that we will see a rise in future scientists.
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