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What You Missed at the Undergraduate Conference

Conor Bartol, something of an undergraduate researcher myself April 11, 2024

Ah, the Undergraduate Conference: a momentous day of rigorous research, academic inquiry, startling results, salient questions and a free lunch. What could be better? The only problem with the Conference...

Guide to psychoanalyzing your professor’s office

Grace Canny, Psychoanalysis extraordinaire November 10, 2022

I know we’ve all been there in office hours. You are looking around like a fish out of water trying to take it all in. You say you’ll just steal glances here and there, but in reality, your eyes wander...

Study shows that everyone actually is judging you, specifically

Ian Lewis, not replaced by thirty garden gnomes November 3, 2022

After weeks of careful analysis, polling and investigative journalism, The Wire can now confirm that you, the reader of this article, are being judged by everybody. For years, you’ve been under the...

Illustration by Lily Buller.

Representation, reading and connection in a digital age: Whitman Storytime Program hosts “The Power of Story” lecture

Mo Dow, A&E Reporter April 15, 2021

Libraries, psychology and advocacy found an intersection on Monday, April 5 when Whitman's Storytime Program hosted a Zoom discussion about children’s literature and reading aloud entitled “The Power...

Illustration by Hannah Paul

Writing theses as varsity athletes

Ryder Brookes, Staff Reporter February 20, 2020

Senior year at Whitman is both a celebratory and stressful time for students, especially as they go through crafting theses and preparing for major exams. As a senior capstone project, the thesis is...

Animal Minds

Andrew Schwartz, Feature Writer February 25, 2016
There are some things at which a pigeon is better than you. For one, pigeons can fly. Second, pigeons are more adept at finding their way home. Also, pigeons are probably better at the old game show, Let’s Make a Deal, hosted by Monty Hall, than you are.

Vick speaks to WWU community

January 27, 2015

This story was originally published in The Collegian of Walla Walla University shortly before Martin Luther King Day. Dr. Brooke Vick, social psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at Whitman...

Technology tools advance campus research, creativity

Technology tools advance campus research, creativity

Audrey Kelly November 13, 2014
New technologies make the work of many departments at Whitman more efficient, freeing up time and energy to complete questions or surveys. They also can help make visible intensely complicated theorized concepts thought up decades ago by, say, Einstein, in the case of Beck’s mirrors.

Psychology Major Undergoes Changes

Daniel Kim April 24, 2014
The psychology department at Whitman College will be implementing new changes to the requirements for a major in psychology. The changes, which will take place in the upcoming academic year, were a response to recommendations from an external review by psychology faculty from other institutions.
Drinks That Go With Your Major

Drinks That Go With Your Major

Aleida Fernandez December 9, 2013

After a rough day in classes, it's nice to sit down with a cold drink. But what about a drink specifically tailored to your studies? After careful analysis, we have found these eight majors' next drink...

Seniors Combine Sports, Psychology

Seniors Combine Sports, Psychology

Cole Anderson April 25, 2013
Jed Jacobson and Leland Matthaeus had the unique opportunity of combining academics and extracurricular activities in their sports psychology thesis.

Prison Research Group Brings Awareness

Sarah Cornett November 29, 2012
Whitman's Prison Research Group, meeting once a month at lunch in Reid Campus Center, allows students to learn about issues with both Washington State Penitentiary and prison as an institution. This large freeform discussion includes not just members of the Whitman community but many residents of Walla Walla and officials working in the prison.
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