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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Kiara Paninos.

Possible COVID exposure more enticing than continued cohabitation with parents

Lee Thomas, COVID-apologist February 18, 2021

Back when we were reasonably fearful of Corona, freshman and sophomores alike rushed home, attempting to flee the dreaded illness. Now, these same students have flocked back to Whitman — and back to...

My CRAZY parents!

Maude Lustig, Headstrong Foolish Child April 25, 2020

Oh, how the mighty (me) have fallen. I’m back home in my shitty little baby bedroom surrounded by my Anglophile paraphernalia (One Direction posters and a random print that says, "London"). But worst...

Julio Escarce, Sophomore I guess I found out how hard they’ve worked, in school…like, it never hit me before just how many hours they put in throughout the last 45 years of their lives to get where they are and to get me where I am, you know?

Voices of the Community // Issue 1

Samarah Uribe, Photographer January 26, 2017

Photographer Samarah Uribe asks members of the community, "What's one surprising thing you learned about your parents over break?"

Illustration by Taylor Penner-Ash

Whitman Parents Marvel at Matured Offspring

Clara Wheeler, Humor Writer December 1, 2016

Recently, Whitman College won itself a ringing endorsement from parents of students who have come back home for Thanksgiving break as scholars and adults. One parent in particular, Vanessa Wallers, reported...

Whitman faculty teach, parent college-aged young adults

Audrey Davis October 19, 2012

Beginning at 3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19, Family Weekend will commence, uniting Whitman students with their parents for the next three days. Many Whitman staff members can relate to the visiting parents, as...

Parents gifts crucial to growth

Parents’ gifts crucial to growth

Hannah Aguirre-Clayshulte October 18, 2012
Parents might not be immediately present while students are at college; however, parents are still more involved in the lives of students than sending care packages and paying tuition. Parents supply the momentum to keep the college striving for new heights.
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