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OP-ED: Come on, Wikipedia

Nathaniel Larson, Senior

April 4, 2019

I use Wikipedia nearly every day. Each time I read an article on the site, I am amazed at how consistently an organization of volunteers can provide accurate, holistic, and balanced views on nearly every topic, all of it ad-free, for anyone to use. So when the fundraising drive came along a couple years ago, ask...

OP-ED: Whitman’s Money Perpetuates Violence

Divest Whitman

November 9, 2018

Power, privilege and race. These are everyday buzzwords at a school like Whitman where everybody is eager to prove their progressive politics. But what does this mean in terms of environmentalism on campus? Climbing gyms, Patagonia jackets and young toned, national park frequenting white bodies...

OP-ED: Why was it so difficult to get funding for a students of color conference from ASWC?

Ye Rim Cho, Senior

October 12, 2018

I went to two ASWC meetings last week – one with the finance committee and one with the senate. A few students of color and I volunteered since we had to justify our request of $3,000 for transportation and lodging for the upcoming students of color conference. For those who aren’t familiar, Whitman ...

Op-Ed: ‘Culture of Silence:’ What the WWU Administration Will Not Address

Jake Sloop, WWU Sophomore

April 12, 2018

These past few weeks at Walla Walla University have been rocky, to say the least. Therefore, in this week’s Swap Issue, I hope to address some of the questions many Whitties have asked me about the blackface social media post at WWU and the discussion it has sparked. I think that this issue is intrinsical...

Op-ed: What is Your Purpose for Being Here at Whitman?

Matthew Marianacci

April 12, 2018

What is your purpose for being here at Whitman? I ask because I am starting to question my reason for being here and I need some people to talk to. Like many privileged students here, I come from a wealthy family that encouraged me to go to college, or assumed that I would go to college, and I did so. I...

Op-Ed: “No Bathroom Breaks” Policy is Discriminatory

Anna Middleton, Senior

April 9, 2018

Over the past semester, I have heard from several friends that professors in different departments across campus don’t allow students to excuse themselves to use the restroom during class. Some announce this policy during the first week of class, while others confront students who use the restroom ab...

Op-Ed: The Trustees Don’t Care About You, So Get Pissed

Chris Meabe

March 8, 2018

The members of the Board of Trustees don’t care about you. If you ask them, they will sincerely insist otherwise because they truly believe they care about you. The problem is, they have no clue who you are. In fact, they don’t know a thing about you, and the best thing we can do about it is get piss...

Op-Ed: The Dangers of Community

Alden Glass, Senior

March 1, 2018

When asked to picture a Whitman student, what comes to mind? Birkenstocks and a Patagonia jacket? A frisbee in one hand and a Hydroflask in the other? Hailing from Seattle or the Bay, they have a “Resist” bumper sticker on the back of their Subaru Outback and flirt with veganism, as long as it i...

Op-Ed: White Unsettlement 101

Lisa Uddin, Assistant Professor of Art History and Visual Culture Studies

March 1, 2018

It has been almost five months since the portrait of Narcissa Whitman that once hung in Prentiss Hall was defaced with black spray paint, and Avard Fairbanks’ statue of Marcus Whitman on the corner of Boyer Avenue and Main Street was painted red. These were two anonymous and clandestine acts of resista...

Op-Ed: The Death of Liberal Arts in Higher Education

Astra Tucker, Senior

February 15, 2018

Liberal arts colleges are dying. Each passing semester brings about changes that reflect market-oriented goals and the hiring needs of corporations as opposed to goals historically attributed to the liberal arts. I would like to suggest, however, that this does not necessitate mourning the loss of liberal...

Kayak Guiding in the San Juans

Tyler Phillips, Student

December 7, 2017

Last month, the Sport Studies, Recreation and Athletics Department took ten students all the way to the San Juan Islands in the far Northwest corner of Washington for a four-day sea-kayaking trip.  The trip was part of a course titled “Sea Kayak Guide Leadership”, which is designed to train stud...

How to Curtail Free Speech Under the Guise of Defending It

Paul Apostolidis, Shampa Biswas, Julie Charlip, Andrea Dobson, Timothy Kaufman-Osborn, Leena Knight, Thomas Knight, Bruce Magnusson, Gaurav Majumdar, Matthew Reynolds, Elyse Semerdjian, Jonathan Walters

December 7, 2017

In a forceful display of coordinated institutional authority, the November 16, 2017, issue of The Wire included an op-ed essay co-written by Whitman’s Chair of the Faculty, the Vice President for Enrollment and Communications, the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, the Vice President for ...

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