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Top 10 foods that are much better cooked

November 11, 2019

Since the discovery of fire many years ago, people and things that look like people have been throwing shit on the flames and seeing what they get back. We here at The Wire have gone through thousands...

Where in the World is Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress?

January 28, 2017

Lady Gaga shocked the world seven years ago when she wore a dress entirely made of meat to the MTV Video Music Awards. Since then, Gaga has shifted to a definitely more textile-based fashion, but reporters...

What I Ate Abroad: Vienna

What I Ate Abroad: Vienna
December 9, 2013

When compared to the rich Middle-Eastern lamb kebab stands that crowd the streets of Vienna, the creamy Italian food that lies just over the border, or the delicate French cuisine located only a few hours...

Meat’s Contribution to Climate Change

Meat's Contribution to Climate Change
October 17, 2013

It probably seems impossible to give up sizzling bacon with your eggs in the morning, barbecue ribs right off the charcoal grill or Grandma's roasted Thanksgiving turkey. But if you're seriously committed...

Growing your Favorite Burger

April 28, 2012

Why do you like your favorite food? Most people would say they like their favorite food because they like its taste. But most people don't realize that they not only take comfort in familiar flavors but...

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