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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Amelia Ebling.

From sonnets to PewDiePie: Whitman seniors discuss their final exams

Jaime Fields, Campus Life Editor March 9, 2023

This spring, as with every spring, conversations among many seniors in their second semester have centered around their final exams. They toss around words like “orals,” “writtens,” “my thesis”...

Whitman introduces “Human Evil” major concentration

Lee Thomas, Anti-Lee Thomas Advocate February 23, 2023

This week, Whitman College unveiled its newly approved academic concentration in Human Evil. After nine months of collaboration across departments, the concentration invites students of any major to approach...

Whitman majors as Biological phyla

Rachel Husband, Can I spit on you? Sorry, that's my STEM elitism talking May 12, 2022

If you know me, then you know I’m an ES-Bio major recently diagnosed with mental illness, I abhor the discipline of sociology and I only believe in sticking to themes at the MET gala. Here are my rankings...

If I were a different major, would my life be figured out? 

Hailey Livingston, Columnist April 21, 2022

There are 31 days left until graduation. As a senior, I’m stuck in between feeling overwhelmed by the crippling I’m-about-to-be-in-the-real-world anxiety and pure bliss knowing my time here has almost...

Illustration by Isabella Buchter

Scents of the different majors

Kate Grumbles, News Reporter May 8, 2020

Biology – Formaldehyde and mitochondria  This is pretty self-explanatory; STEM majors out there will understand. These committed individuals exude the scents of the two things that they are most...

Infographic by Julie Peterson

Pre-professional Majors, Liberal Arts Model in Conflict

Drew Edmonds April 17, 2014
In recent years, faculty and students have discussed the pros and cons of entering college with a specific major and career plan already in mind.
A Major Choice: Whitmans Diverse Academics

A Major Choice: Whitman’s Diverse Academics

Lachlan Johnson August 29, 2013
Whether it be through a weighty Organic Chemistry textbook, an examination of Southeast Asian sex trafficking, or a postmodern novel exploring the human condition, every major offers a compelling path to greater knowledge and a liberal arts education. The most exciting part, and also the trickiest, is deciding which subject you love the most.
Illustration: Eddy Vazquez

Whitman Inequality Map

Dana Thompson December 1, 2011
Don't know what an inequality map is? Read the article?
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