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Ashlyn and Annelise say bye bye :'(

May 16, 2020

Accommodating Annelise, Everything is changing. Just found out that I have to graduate at the end of the month? What the heck? I guess I didn't realize it, because I've spent the last few months pushing...

Dear Mom, February 9th Article

February 9, 2017

Dear Mom, Senior help! I'm having a hard time balancing studying for senior exams, applying to jobs and also making the most of my last semester at Whitman. How do I accomplish everything I need to...

Required Attendance at Commencement Creates Conflicts for Seniors

Photo by John Lee
March 3, 2016
Seniors are required to attend commencement to receive their diploma, barring an exemption. This still can create scheduling conflicts for seniors.

Students Must Engage More with Life Outside Whitman Bubble

Students Must Engage More with Life Outside Whitman Bubble
May 15, 2014

This guest column was written by Jane Carmody '14 Before I arrived in Walla Walla, it was always a struggle to describe to those in my hometown where exactly I was going to be spending my undergraduate...

Letter from the Editor: Circuit 11 Graduation Issue

Letter from the Editor: Circuit 11 Graduation Issue
May 15, 2014

The morning I left for college is still a vivid memory to me. I woke up at 5 a.m. to catch my flight and hurriedly said goodbye to my mother, upset that she wasn't able to come to the airport to drop...

Seniors Prepare for Graduation

May 8, 2014

As the school year slowly winds down, senior Whitties are becoming increasingly excited about graduation. "I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. I can't wait to see what the real...

We’re Greater Than Our Productivity

Zoe Ingerson '13. Photo by Skye Vander Laan.
May 13, 2013

This column was contributed by senior Zoe Ingerson '13. Like every single one of the millions of college grads that have come before me, I find myself thinking more and more the quintessential question...

Senior Profiles: Post-Graduate Plans

Julia Bowman '12
May 13, 2013

Lisa Beneman "After graduation, I am immediately heading out on the U.S.-Mexico border trip with [Associate Professor of Politics] Aaron Bobrow-Strain and 10 other awesome Whitman students. It is...

Life after Whitman Athletics

Life after Whitman Athletics
February 14, 2013

All varsity athletes dedicate their lives to their respective sports at Whitman, working hard to balance academics and athletics. When these athletes graduate, they go in many different directions; some...

Commencement speakers urge graduates to fight injustice

Commencement speakers urge graduates to fight injustice
May 21, 2012

An audience of friends and family members watched as Whitman seniors made the transition from students to alumni at the 126th commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 20, 2012. Faculty members and...

Whitman education similar to mindset of field ecologists

Credit: cade beck
May 9, 2012

This column was contributed by Sophie Davis '12 Aldo Leopold, considered the father of the national forest wilderness system, whose book, The Sand County Almanac, and other essays have inspired...

Post-Graduation Horoscopes

May 9, 2012

Aries: You feel a less than warm welcome to the corporate world when you realize it's back to freshman status treatment for the third time, cause you thought you were finally an adult at the age of 22. Taurus:...

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