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First-Year Assumptions Debunked

Dani Hupper

September 26, 2013

My roommate sucks. That guy from Encounters wrote the most nonsensical blog post. She must have a great sense of humor because she watches Saturday Night Live. He's super flirtatious and probably has no intention of really getting to know me. I admit it. I make judgments when I first meet people...

Class of 2016 find each other on Facebook

Sarah Cornett

September 13, 2012

For many first-years, the day acceptances arrived was marked by excitement and eagerness for something new. As students looked through the cream-colored folders and learned more about the school they would eventually attend, many wanted to see the more personal side of Whitman: the people with whom they would ...

Meet The Class of 2016

Meet The Class of 2016

Justin Rose

June 2, 2012

As the class of 2012 leaves Walla Walla to go make their mark on the world, Whitman is getting ready to welcome the incoming first-years who will take their place on campus. The Pioneer caught up with five future Whitties who will be heading to Walla Walla this fall. Cat Mulanax (San Rafael, California) Why did you choose to attend Whitman? It was the...

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