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Mapping the history of the Walla Walla Blue Mountain Railroad

Photo contributed by Clark Colahan.

Jaime Fields, A&E Reporter

October 1, 2020

Clark Colahan, a retired Spanish Language and Literature Professor at Whitman College, likes to describe his story about stumbling across the forgotten map of the Blue Mountain Railroad and the adventures that followed as would a treasure hunt or a children’s story — one akin to Robert Louis Steven...

Fort Walla Walla Museum debuts “Sewn Into History: A Century of Quilts” special exhibit

Photo by Caroline Ashford Arya

Eric Anderson, A&E Editor

September 22, 2016

Interesting and unique historical artifacts are abound at the Fort Walla Walla Museum, which specializes in local specimens from the period preceding World War II. Perhaps the most compelling, however, are those that feature in the museum's rotating special exhibits–and with the opening of "Sewn Into...

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