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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Madi Welch.

Let ’em fly: Helicopter parents and college students

Zoe Schacter-Brodie, Feature editor April 7, 2022

My first semester of college, a friend of mine woke up at 7:30 a.m. each morning to Carole King’s “Where You Lead” (the Gilmore Girls theme song). It was her roommate’s mother calling, making...

Illustration by Madi Welch.

Actors who should play Mario instead of Chris Pratt

Sammy Fitts, Single (X) Taken (X) Gamer(?) October 7, 2021

The internet cried out on the Sept. 23 2021, when Nintendo announced that Chris Pratt would be the starring voice in the Super Mario Bros movie. There is obviously one major problem with this casting:...

Photo contributed by Lauren Riker.

Whitman alum and New York Times reporter Cecilia Kang returns to campus to promote her book

Lily Yost, News Reporter September 23, 2021

Cecilia Kang, Whitman ‘94 graduate and writer for the New York Times, returned to campus on Sept. 10 to speak about her bestselling book, An Ugly Truth. Kang’s book exposes Facebook's internal...

The business of fake news: How algorithms influence our opinions

Scout Hutchinson, Columnist October 15, 2020

The spread of information, news, personal ideas and stories through the internet has created a world where it seems like everything is at your fingertips. However, these online spaces have also created...

Illustration by Elie Flanagan

Facebook’s new advertising policy

Mat Chapin, Columnist November 7, 2019

In the past couple of weeks, Mark Zuckerberg has come under increasing scrutiny for Facebook’s policy concerning false and un-fact checked political advertising. In what seems to be a response to right-wing...

Illustration by Meg Cuca

Insidious Advertising Corrupts our Lives

Peggy Li, Opinion Editor February 16, 2017

In childhood, it started with the commercials on all of our favorite TV channels, but as we’ve gotten older, advertisements have morphed and adapted with us and to us. Lately, no matter where you’re...

Illustration by Julie Peterson.

Whitman Updates Advertising Strategy with Social Media

Josephine Adamski April 17, 2014
Whitman is increasing its presence in the fast-paced social media world. Whitman is integrating social media into its advertising strategies in order to help Whitman reach a larger audience of prospective students, current students and alumni.
Its Complicated: couple not posting enough photos on facebook

It’s Complicated: couple not posting enough photos on facebook

Tara McCulloch February 13, 2014
If the internet doesn't know about your relationship, does it really exist?

Facebook Statuses Self-Promote

Kyle Seasly September 26, 2013
If you have a Facebook, you've probably seen certain articulate statuses that say something along the lines of: "uggggggh this is the worst." The poster will get a couple comments that question the person's motivation for this action, asking what is actually wrong, and the poster will not respond. Not only are these posts annoying and contrived, they're also extremely narcissistic. There seems to be no real logic behind them whatsoever, besides perhaps a call for attention. The poster is knowingly projecting their emotions of frustration into an extremely public space. Yet behind all the images on the screen there is a living breathing human being, knowingly pushing this image of themselves upon others. Facebook statuses are indeed an effortless way to get one's sentiments out to the public. But Facebook should cease to be a further tool for narcissistic behavior in a social environment that is slowly gaining distance from reality.

Tech Work More Sensible with a Few Simple Rules

Blair Hanley Frank April 25, 2013
Since I'm going to be leaving campus and taking them with me, I figured I'd share my rules for understanding and contextualizing the technology industry.
Illustration by Luke Hampton

A Movie Reviewer’s ‘Hair’y Adventure

Nathan Fisher April 11, 2013
For almost two years I’ve had the awesome job of writing movie reviews for The Pio—Friday night: the theater with a tub of popcorn; Saturday morning: Zip off a short review. Easy! Never thinking that I would have to work and write a real article, I was shocked to see an email from my editor asking me to look into a movie called “HairBrained” that supposedly had something to do with Whitman. Sounded interesting. So armed with a Web page for the movie, I naively set out on my first attempt at investigative journalism.
Illustration by Eduardo Vazquez

‘Bang With Friends’ Will Revolutionize Sex

Maggie Mae Lemaris April 11, 2013
The Facebook plug-in, 'Bang With Friends' will revolutionize the way a generation approaches sex.
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