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Making a Home in Stevens Gallery

The exhibition celebrates the beauty of natural landscapes, skyline, and sunsets through photography. Photos located in Stevens Gallery.

Michelle Foster, Managing Editor

January 31, 2019

The idea of home means different things to everyone. For many students, Whitman may become a second home, and for many, it’s impossible to forget where they came from. In a recent exhibition in the Stevens Gallery, Shelby Cutter ‘19 and Izzy Dunn ‘19 displayed photographs they had taken of places that a...

A Proper Monument? Narcissa Whitman Exhibit

Zoe Brown, Staff Reporter

April 19, 2018

Avisual exploration of the discourse surrounding the Whitman family makes its home in Maxey Museum’s newest exhibit, “A Proper Monument?”, which opened on April 11 and will remain up until May 5. The exhibit features a wall-mounted timeline of the Whitmans and the monuments that they left behind, beginn...

Master Puppeteer Visits Whitman, Helps Students Bring Marionettes to Life

Dan Luce teaching at his workshop on building puppets. Photo by Carson Jones

Alex Lupton, Staff Reporter

October 28, 2017

Hold out all of your fingers. Now, put down the middle and ring. Got it? According to master puppeteer Dan Luce, who visited Whitman this past weekend to share his expertise and love of puppetry, this hand sign is how puppeteers control hand puppets. No wonder, Luce jokes, this symbol is also an international...

”˜Particles on the Wall’ exhibit reflects on Hanford Program

Geoffrey Leach

April 9, 2015

On April 2, the latest visiting exhibit opened in the Maxey Museum. The exhibit, Particles on the Wall, combines many different mediums to showcase a variety of reactions to the Hanford Nuclear Program and its aftermath. "[The Particles on the Wall] exhibit is a conglomeration of science, poetry and...

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