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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Photo contributed by Greg Lehman.

The Bat, the Man, the legend: Celebrating Adam West Day in Walla Walla

Charlie Hunter, Campus Life Reporter September 29, 2022

Who is William West Anderson? Walla Walla threw on Batman t-shirts and lit up the Bat-Signal on top of the Marcus Whitman hotel as the community celebrated the life and work of a man named Adam West—actor,...

Photo by Carson

Walla Walla Celebrates Adam West

Adam Rooney, Staff Reporter September 28, 2017

On September 19, Walla Walla came together to celebrate the life of Adam West during the first annual Adam West Day. The actor, famous for his role as Batman in the iconic 1960s live-action television...

Review: “The LEGO Batman Movie”

Eric Anderson, A&E Editor February 16, 2017

The zany, self-referential and ridiculous antics of the Dark Knight’s LEGO equivalent continue in Warner Animation Group’s new animated feature, “The LEGO Batman Movie,” a spin-off of the 2014...

“Batman v Superman” is a Super-Clunker

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer April 7, 2016
Zack Snyder's superhero match-up is bogged down by an incoherent plot, bad characterization and unimpressive action.

“Gotham” disappointing for Batman lovers and casual fans alike

Andy Monserud October 22, 2014
The show attempts to keep things interesting by constantly dropping members of Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery into improbable places.

The Judge splatters justice in “Dredd”

Nathan Fisher September 27, 2012
Nathan Fisher explores the blood-splattered, wisecracking world of futuristic thriller "Dredd."

Entire Summer Movie Season Recap

Nathan Fisher August 23, 2012

MMMMOOOVIES were my great escape from working a zillion hours at two minimum-wage jobs lifeguarding and scooping balls at the golf-driving rang. Thankfully, this summer was filled with great flicks. Here's...

Illustration: Ruth Hwang

‘Pirates! Band of Misfits’ brings nonstop laughs for all

Nathan Fisher May 3, 2012
After years of “maturing” and stretching way outside my comfort zone, this week I retreated back to my roots with the innocence of kids’ movies. “The Pirates! Band of Misfits,” a claymation wonder filled with clever wit and humor, was spot on.

Adam West gets Hollywood star

Josh Goodman April 5, 2012

Whitman alumni have a long list of recognitions, but here's a new one for the list: Adam West '51 became the first Whittie to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, April 5. West, famous...

Illustration: Alex Bailey

2012 film season promises action, massive star power

Nathan Fisher January 26, 2012
With the 2011 movie season concluded, save for the upcoming Academy Awards, it's time to look forward. 2012 appears to have some goodies coming our way. Here's my can't-wait-to-see film list in the action/adventure, comedy and thriller genres.
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