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Uh Oh: Area Woman’s Day Sucks After Grim Co-Star Update

Ashlyn Quintus, Professional Dog Mocker

September 26, 2019

Junior Janet Stubbs felt at ease last Thursday afternoon. She was staying on top of work, ran into a friendly dog and only had two iced coffee drinks from the Cleveland Cafe. Yes, all was well for Janet... until she felt a little buzz in her pocket. It was then that Stubbs received an ominously specific ...

It’s Complicated: couple not posting enough photos on facebook

It's Complicated: couple not posting enough photos on facebook

Tara McCulloch

February 13, 2014

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, first-year Tasha Simmons is worried her boyfriend, first-year Dale Cane, is not posting enough pictures on Facebook to showcase their love. "He posted a few selfies of us kissing in the wheat fields, but he didn't post any of the matching Christmas sweater ones....

November & December Circuit Horoscopes

Elena Aragon

November 26, 2012

Aries: You will encounter a ferocious squirrel this week that will stop at nothing to get a bite of your Graze turkey sandwich. Taurus: Your section-mate will share their taco shells with queso sauce with you, becoming the highlight moment of your week. Gemini: Your excitement about the return...

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