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Second-annual Day of the Dead festival draws crowd for art

An artist makes some last minute touches to her block. Photo by Marra Clay.

James Kennedy

October 30, 2014

Last weekend, Walla Walla's Day of the Dead printmaking event showed the community both the iconography and culture surrounding the tradition as well as the talent of Whitman's printmaking students. Attendees of the second annual event could see finished students' woodblocks inked up and pressed o...

Diversity dialogue continues in art

Maia Watkins '17 displays her photographs in Fouts Center for the Visual Arts. Photo by Emily Volpert.

Linnaea Weld

October 23, 2014

While the initial upset to the findings on Whitman's economic diversity have died down, sophomore Maia Watkins has recently installed an art piece in the Fouts Center for the Visual Arts. Installed last weekend, the art piece consists of 32 student portraits hanging next to each participant's statement...

Artist John Powers Creates Installation Piece in Stevens Gallery

Artist John Powers Creates Installation Piece in Stevens Gallery

Halley McCormick

October 16, 2014

During the week of October 6, artist John Powers set up a temporary studio in Reid Campus Center's Stevens Gallery where he constructed a futuristic art piece out of foam rods. Videographer Tywen Kelly brings us a look into the artist's work, mind, and process. ...

Futuristic artist to take over Stevens Gallery

Daniel Kim

October 3, 2014

On Oct. 5, artist John Powers will be coming to Whitman College. Powers will be on campus for one week showcasing an exhibit called "Operational" at the Stevens Gallery for one week. Powers will also be giving a lecture on Wednesday, Oct. 8 about his recent essay, "Star Wars: A New Heap." Instead...

Many groups fund activism workshop

Linnaea Weld

October 3, 2014

Today artist and activist Dana Lyons will be offering both a workshop and concert for students. Campus Climate Challenge (CCC) has been working on bringing Lyons to campus since last semester, but many groups on campus have helped to put on today's events. Senior Collin Smith was instrumental in gaining...

Artists Cooperate in Walla PopUp Gallery

Artists Cooperate in Walla PopUp Gallery

Hannah Bartman

May 1, 2014

The Walla PopUp Gallery is a collaborative and economically innovative concept: a communal art gallery that opens for only a month in which all artists involved work for the gallery and profit from the sales. The second PopUp Gallery will be installed in Walla Walla by Technical Assistant of Studio Art Lynn Woolson and Whitman alumnus Ben Lerchin '13. ...

Inked: Whitman Community Members Express Personal, Permanent Expression Through Tattoos

Senior Molly Johansen shows her white ink tattoo. Photos by Goard.

Sarah Cornett

April 1, 2014

Buddhist symbols hidden in white ink. A professor's passion inscribed on his inner arm. An ancient symbol of symmetry and harmony. The Whitman community––the faculty, staff and students that live and work in the pursuit of intellectual and emotional growth––express themselves in creative and dive...

Woven Metal

Woven Metal

Marra Clay

February 16, 2014

  Whitman has gone through a whirlwind of weather changes. In the last few weeks, I have seen snow deep enough to bury everyone's Birkenstocks, enough sunshine to melt it all away, drizzling rain, and even a rolling, fleet of fog. However, there are always going to be larger monuments on campus...

Staff, Students Sell Wares at Fourth Annual Craft Fair

Isabel Mills

December 5, 2013

Just in time for the holiday season, crafty students and staff will come together under one roof to sell their unique homemade products. On Monday, Dec. 9, the Whitman College community will have an opportunity to view and purchase items created by fellow students and staff. They range from people...

Artists’ Politics Don’t Define Their Own Work

Artists' Politics Don't Define Their Own Work

Andy Monserud

November 21, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a film that I have wanted to see for a long time. Ever since I read "Ender's Game" for the first time in 2005, I always wished for a film version. Blissfully engrossed in a 10-year-old's fantasy, I sat through the movie without a care in the world. But when I stepped out of the theater, I was hit w...

Sam Alden ’12 Finds Success in Comic World

Sam Alden '12 Finds Success in Comic World

James Kennedy

October 23, 2013

Alumnus Sam Alden '12, who once drew comics for The Pioneer, is now featured as one of the "Best American Comics 2013." With several physical books in the works and a consistently updated digital collection at gingerlandcomics.com, Alden has found success in a field many say is dying off. How did Al...

Myth, Memory at Sheehan Gallery

Myth, Memory at Sheehan Gallery

James Kennedy

October 17, 2013

On Oct. 14, Whitman College's Sheehan Gallery opened its latest exhibit, a reflection on the works of the local artist J. Frank Munns, who passed away last January. The exhibition process varies by artist, but this display is distinctly different from most others. While most exhibits revolve around a c...

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