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Study shows that everyone actually is judging you, specifically

Ian Lewis, not replaced by thirty garden gnomes November 3, 2022

After weeks of careful analysis, polling and investigative journalism, The Wire can now confirm that you, the reader of this article, are being judged by everybody. For years, you’ve been under the...

Coping with election anxiety

Ava Liponis, Columnist November 5, 2020

I’m not sure if you’ll be reading this article with a huge sigh of relief or a sinking feeling of grief. Many Americans describe 2020 as one of the worst years in recent memory. It features a global...

Feeling without judgment

Victoria Helmer, Columnist October 1, 2020

The point of this article is to try and convince you that your feelings are valid. There are lots of reasons to feel bad right now, and as much as you deserve to feel good, you also deserve to allow yourself...

Illustration by Claire Revere

The Pursuit of Authenticity

Nikolaus Kennelly, Columnist October 4, 2017

We humans crave the anxieties of the Savanna. To engage in a standoff with a hungry lion over an antelope carcass is a dream many of us secretly harbor. The rush of leading a life on the edge, where...

Illustration by Meg Cuca

Self love comes first

Rina Cakrani, Columnist October 27, 2016

 Why is it so hard to love ourselves? One of the things that surprised and concerned me the most during the Gender & Sexuality Workshop was when more than half of people in Jewett (the biggest...

In Defense of Sadness

Alya Bohr, Columnist April 28, 2016
Accepting sadness adds poignancy to life, makes us more creative, and helps us find and discover ourselves.
Overcoming Anxiety Begins With Recognition

Overcoming Anxiety Begins With Recognition

Adam Heymann October 16, 2014

Illustration by Emma Rust. This week I'm tackling something that pervades many of our young minds: anxiety. The Whitman experience can breed persistent distress. There's the desire for academic success,...

Those Suffering from Mental Illness Need Not Suffer Alone

February 27, 2013

This column was contributed by Arden Robinette, '16 Listen. You may not want to. You may not want to even be speaking to anyone right now. You might just want to be alone with the struggles and fears...

Illustration: Julie Peterson

Under pressure: Social pressures to overcommit affect students’ emotional well-being

Julia Stone April 12, 2012

I came to Whitman two years ago as the model Whitman student. I had many interests and quickly sought to join clubs; I committed myself to student organizations, academics, friendships, community service,...

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