Throwback Thursday: that time you embarrassed yourself in middle school

Ian Lewis, absolutely anxiety-free


If there’s one thing people always say, it’s that April’s all about nostalgia. There’s nothing quite like reminiscing on the past. Whether it’s cherished family memories or some of your great accomplishments, it’s great to remember none of those and instead focus on that time you embarrassed yourself in front of everyone at middle school. 

It’s so crazy to figure out that regardless of what you actually did or how long it’s been, and especially no matter how much you pretend you’re over it, the wound of social shame and failure that has slowly festered in the back of your mind for years has suddenly opened up again. Wow! Whether it was being rejected by your childhood crush, doing something foolish in front of someone you wanted to impress or generally just being open about who you were at that age, the thought of that moment has metastasized and probably started slowly killing you. 

You’ve failed to convince yourself that no one actually remembers and judges you based on an event that occurred while you were a hormone-infected child-monster, as every element of your being was carefully scrutinized by yourself and everyone else. They probably all constantly think about it, laugh about it or hate you for it. They could be doing all three!

It’s no doubt that today is going to be filled with horror at a part of your life that no one enjoyed. Luckily, you’ll probably forget all about this for a bit tomorrow when you find some other way to embarrass yourself in the present.