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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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Red Sox, Rockies fans display home team pride on campus

All of Boston and Denver have gone wild over the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies making it to the World Series. For the Rockies, it is their first trip to the World Series in franchise history. But what about the fans at Whitman that are left to watch from dormitory lounges?

“It’s definitely unfortunate to not be in Colorado,” said sophomore James Franz, who admitted to missing around five classes due to the Rockies’ run.Reid Campus Center became home to Red Sox fans during the World Series, while students rooting for Colorado tended to congregate in other places on campus, such as one group who watched the games in the Marcus commonroom. | Photo by Ellie Klein

At Reid, there was a contingent of about six or seven Red Sox fans who emblazoned the television with their team’s paraphernalia before the start of the first game.

“It’s a great atmosphere around here, but nothing beats the city,” said first-year Chris Barton.

Turned away from the Red Sox dominant Reid contingent, Franz, Galen Cobb and Curtis Reid, three sophomores from Colorado, watched the series together in the Marcus common room. There appears to be some animosity between the two groups with both parties watching in different areas on campus. At one point during the second game of the series, a non-Colorado resident watching in Marcus criticized the Rockies, after which Franz ordered, albeit in jest, that he “go to Reid!” where the Red Sox fans were watching.

“When you’re apart from the Colorado craziness you get a lot of Boston fans, ’cause they’re just kind of everywhere,” said Franz.

First-year Charlie Procknow grew up in Boston, but went to high school in Colorado where he claimed to have been the biggest Rockies fan in his school due to the disinterest of his classmates.

“They’re not legit at all,” said Procknow of the Rockies fans he knows. “Now all of a sudden everyone’s just hopping on the bandwagon.”

The Marcus-based Rockies fans are just happy that their team is doing well now and that their team has accomplished their success without a payroll the size of the Grand Canyon.

“I feel like Denver is erupting right now with excitement. I mean, if you’ve been in Colorado for the last 10 years and lived there and even if you haven’t been like an avid Rockies fan, you can’t help but be excited right now for the Rockies,” said Curtis Reid.

“It’s really what Colorado deserves and the team deserves,” said Cobb.

Both groups, however, are glad that they have some like-minded friends whom with they can watch the games.

“Every time the Red Sox have been in the playoffs I’ve watched with my dad at home so it’s kind of a change, but I don’t know, I’ve got Charlie and a bunch of other fans so it’s kind of cool, but really different,” said Barton.

“It’s nice that there’s at least a few of us who know each other,” said Franz of his Colorado buddies.

“We can enjoy the game together,” said Reid.

Unfortunately for the Rockies fans, it turned out to be Soxtober, and it only took four games for that to be decided.

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