Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Regarding last week’s article entitled “Whitman looks to add 10 tenure track faculty as economy picks up”:

We would like to clarify the statement that Whitman is adding 10 tenure track faculty.  The economics position is new in the sense it will cause a net increase in the number of overall number of tenure track faculty.  The environmental studies-classics and geology positions have never existed before, but are being created through the reallocation of existing resources and do not represent a net addition to the number of tenure track positions. 

We would also like to happily point out that the Whitman administration is in the process of applying for a Melon Foundation grant that, if received, would convert eight visiting professor positions into tenure track lines. ASWC is highly supportive of this effort and has spoken to the Board of Trustees about the importance of its funding, as well as the general addition of tenure track lines.

Thank you,

John Loranger
 ASWC Student Affairs Chair

Carson Burns
 ASWC President