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OP-ED: Rinse and repeat?

Lisa Uddin, Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Culture Studies and Paul Garrett Fellow

October 9, 2019

The Marcus Whitman statue is at it again, sparking activism that compels us to confront Whitman College and white settlement as one and the same. This time, the statue’s defacement involved rephrasing “My Plans Require Time and Distance” (a quote attributed to Whitman himself) to “My Plans R...

Remember the Manifesta? Reparations are Due

Danielle Hirano, Senior, Class of 2019

May 16, 2019

On April 25th, the Whitman Wire received “We Need to Thrive: a Manifesta,” collectively written by nine women of color faculty members. In a revolutionary spirit, they voiced their grievances about the “exodus” of women of color faculty members in 2018-2019 and the reasons for their departure. ...

We Need to Thrive: A Manifesta

Dalia Biswas, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Shampa Biswas, Professor of Politics, Leena Knight, Associate Professor of Biology, Nicole Pietrantoni, Associate Professor of Art, Elyse Semerdjian, Associate Professor of History, Yukiko Shigeto, Associate Professor of Japanese, Lisa Uddin, Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Culture Studies, Jacqueline Woodfork, Associate Professor of History, and Wenqing Zhao, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

April 25, 2019

In the face of a recent exodus of women faculty of color, our institution has asked us to articulate “what we need to thrive” at the college. Each of us might ponder this question, and generate our individual lists of complaints, grievances, needs, and interests. Each of us, of course, is an individual....

OP-ED: Come on, Wikipedia

Nathaniel Larson, Senior

April 4, 2019

I use Wikipedia nearly every day. Each time I read an article on the site, I am amazed at how consistently an organization of volunteers can provide accurate, holistic, and balanced views on nearly every topic, all of it ad-free, for anyone to use. So when the fundraising drive came along a couple years ago, ask...

OP-ED: What Does Divestment Really Mean for Whitman?

Nathaniel Larson, Senior

February 28, 2019

When the Whitman Board of Trustees voted to divest the college from all fossil-fuel investments, I happened to be in the room. As the student representative to the Board this year, it is my job sit at the table and help bring student perspectives to bear on long-term decisions at the college. But in this...

OP-ED: Being the Only Student of Color – ft. an Environmental Studies Course

Erina Horikawa, Senior

February 24, 2019

Being the only student of color is difficult and emotional, to say the least. This recently happened as I was the only person of color in Environmental Justice. I took the course, as a senior Race and Ethnic Studies major, because the course was cross-listed as Race and Ethnic Studies, and because I w...

Overcoming the Bookstore Blues

Nathaniel Larson, Senior

February 16, 2019

As I bought textbooks and paid fees for my final semester at Whitman, it became clear that for one of the first times in my college career my book bill will be less than 300 dollars. But before I perform a happy-dance in the middle of the Whitman College Bookstore, I really need to ask myself how much cau...

Letter to the Editor

Shannon Zander, Senior

February 14, 2019

My name is Shannon Zander. I am a first-generation student and an independent student, which means I receive no parental financial backing, making me solidly, undeniably, and sometimes soul crushingly working class. I don’t speak of it often except to those I am close to. But let’s talk. We clearl...

OP-ED: Killing in the name of Soccer

Jadon Bachtold

February 8, 2019

For a sport defined by culture, pride, and nationalism, soccer has become lethal. In the oil drowned nation of Qatar, soccer related governmental decisions have claimed the lives of 1,200 migrant workers. These deaths are the direct consequence of the country’s blind political ambition that has...

OP-ED: America’s Invisible Population

Becca Rubsamen, Junior

February 8, 2019

At 20 years old, you should already be thinking about your end of life care. By 2035 there will be more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 18—the elderly population alone growing from 6.4 million to 14.6 million in just 20 years. There is extensive health insurance available for those...

OP-ED: I Am Not An Activist

Walker Orr, Junior

February 8, 2019

I am not an activist. My planned line of work is that of a soil microbiologist or a plant breeder, someone trying to change the system through relatively established means. I have chosen as the particular angle for my life’s work — that of food, which I believe is at the center of the human cond...

OP-ED: The Right to Die

Brayden Preskenis, Sophomore

December 11, 2018

Your dog has it, but your loved ones do not. Some call it dignity, some call it mercy, but everyone should be able to call it a human right. Routinely, we “put down” our pets that that have a terminal disease and are in debilitating pain. Similarly, as a society we have the moral duty to allow ou...

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