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Op-Ed: An open letter to the Whitman Coronavirus Task Force

Jake Wang, First-year

October 24, 2020

Dear Chair Peter Harvey, We, select members of the class of 2024, appreciate the hard work you and the Whitman Coronavirus Task Force have done in the past many months in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Balancing the desire for in-person learning, the needs of each class, and the needs of the ...

Op-Ed: Social justice or social capital: Venmo payments and land acknowledgements

Walker Orr, Senior

October 22, 2020

If you follow social justice education efforts at Whitman, on Instagram or Twitter, or Podcasts, you’re probably familiar with the request to support content creators via Venmo. Venmo payment requests featured in presentations at the 2019 Power and Privilege Symposium, and were discontinued in 2020...

Op-Ed: Between two worlds

Jake Lorang, Senior

October 22, 2020

One of my favorite TV shows is “Downton Abbey.” One reason why I love this show so much is that it captures the ways in which values and constraints vary between the servants and the family who owns the estate. Both are limited in the way they are able to exert their will on the world into which...

Op-Ed: Step up, STEM

Walker Orr, Senior

October 1, 2020

If you’re a STEM student, or an aspiring STEM student, who was disappointed by your professors’ disengagement in #ScholarStrike, you’re not alone. When 65% of professors in your departments hold classes as usual compared to the 35% in the social sciences and humanities [1], it is reasonable to...

Op-Ed: Whitman Admissions has no excuses

Grant Simmons, Alumni '19

October 1, 2020

As the country operates like an oil rig that has exploded and is now slowly sinking into the ocean, many institutions in the US are righteously facing an existential crisis. This includes the world of “elite” higher education as the negative role that private schools play in the realm of equality...

OP-ED: Results May Vary

Hannah Paul and Aliyah Fard, President and Vice President of Whitman's Black Student Union

July 26, 2020

This piece was originally published to Issuu by Hannah Paul and Aliyah Fard on July 20, 2020. Whitman College pledges to provide a “liberal arts education to… students from diverse backgrounds… that prioritizes student learning within and beyond our classrooms” *Results May Vary Black, Indigeneous, People Of Colo...

Letter to the editor: Preserving the present

Photos provided by Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy, Archivist and Head of Digital Services at Whitman College and Northwest Archives

April 28, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted daily life at Whitman, but it is not the first time that the college has experienced significant disruptions of in-person gatherings and classes. In 1918, during the Spanish Influenza pandemic, classes were held on campus, but only students living in campus housing were a...

OP-ED: Why the left lost, a post-mortem

Andy Burnstein, Senior

April 14, 2020

When Bernie Sanders lost Super Tuesday and subsequent primaries by an embarrassing margin to Joe Biden, and again when he dropped out this past Wednesday, many of his supporters were not just angry, but confused. How could the party pick someone so uninspiring to be the nominee, let alone, a man with ...

OP-ED: Ineffectual and uncritical: A reflection on the Women’s March

Nicki Caddell, Sophomore

March 12, 2020

Saturday marked the fourth annual Women’s March in Walla Walla: this is not a cause for celebration. Each year, this Women’s March and others around the U.S. have become increasingly civil and tolerant. The “protesters” are asked to stay on the sidewalk and stop at red lights, and they do....

Letter to the editor: Who are the Board of Trustees and what do they do? Board of Trustee Chair Nancy Serrurier answers student questions

Cameron Conner and Nikki Delgado

February 13, 2020

During the week of Nov. 4, 2019, the Whitman College Board of Trustees convened on campus for their first meeting of the year. As Whitman’s highest governing body, the trustees meet to oversee the long-term development of the college and discuss how best to ensure its future sustainability. In the...

OP-ED: Dissecting sustainability

Lauren Olson, First-Year and ASWC Sustainability Committee Member

February 6, 2020

Before arriving on campus, I was already intimidated by what I had heard about Whitman’s environmental culture. Whitman has the reputation of being a sustainability-minded school. For me, someone with limited knowledge in this area, knowing where to start was daunting to say the least.  As a chi...

OP-ED: Scrambles: Should we mourn their passing?

Walker Orr, Senior

December 12, 2019

I’d like to offer a few uninformed thoughts about the proposed gutting of the Scrambles program. This has been big news around campus lately, and I have friends and acquaintances who are very upset about this development. My intuition tells me that it’s a bad idea from a business standpoint — Scramble...

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