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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Letter to the editor: Appreciation for Alberto G. Support

To the Editor,

As students who advocated further review of Professor Alberto G.’s* tenure application, we would like commend The Pioneer for its thoughtful and accurate coverage. In particular, we found the Editorial Board’s critique of student evaluations timely and stimulating.

We also thank the Whitman community for their continued support. Eight hundred seven students signed the petition to urge President Bridges and the Dean of Faculty to reconsider Professor G.’s application, and dozens of students, alumni and parents wrote letters to express their concern and support. Thanks to this participation, we believe student and alumni voices will soon become a larger part of decisions regarding faculty promotion.

We are happy to hear the Review Committee has found substantial reason to return Professor G.’s application to the original Personnel Committee after evaluating the procedures followed during the tenure review process. In the coming weeks, the Personnel Committee will reconsider the file and make a final decision. We are confident a full review of Professor G.’s merits will result in a positive recommendation for tenure.

Thanks to the overwhelming response of students, faculty and staff, the role of students and alumni in tenure review has become a major concern on campus. On Sunday, Feb. 26 ASWC passed a resolution requesting significant changes to student evaluations and the role of student voices in faculty review. The resolution calls for the creation of an ad-hoc committee of students, faculty and administration that will consider how student evaluations are administered, how students are notified of upcoming faculty reviews and how evidence presented by students and alumni will be considered in future decisions.

With The Pio’s continued critical coverage and support from the greater Whitman community, we believe we will make student voices heard.


Seniors Grace Evans and Amy Liechty,
on behalf of Student Supporters of Professor G.

*The professor in question’s name has been changed to reflect his first name and last initial.

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