Greetings at start of spring ’12 semester

Patricia Vanderbilt

I often ask Pioneer staff members to think about what the paper means to them: why they devote so much time and energy to The Pio, and what they hope to gain. The “why” is important; when we can’t answer the question, we know that we’re doing something wrong.

I would like to extend my questions to our readers in this, the first issue of 2012. Why is The Pioneer important to you? What do you want from it?  I challenge you to engage with The Pioneer this semester:  If your friend writes a great article, let her know. When we get things wrong, send us a complaint. Write your first Letter to the Editor, or argue with our columnists online.  And when you find yourself saying, “The Pio should write about this”: yeah, we’d like to know what “this” is.

We’re your newspaper. Don’t let us forget it.


Patricia Vanderbilt
[email protected]