ASWC Candidate Platforms

Executive Council Candidate Platforms
Spring 2009 Elections


Will Canine:

ASWC is for three things:

  1. Protecting your rights as a college student.
  2. Providing awesome programming for students.
  3. Ensuring student opportunity through student organizations.

ASWC has had some success, but we need to do more.

As the ASWC representative to two Trustee Committees, the General   Studies Committee and  the President’s Council on Diversity, I’ve   advocated for students at the highest  levels of Whitman’s   administration. Through these painful budget cuts and into next  year,   I’m ready to dedicate myself to ensuring ASWC not only continues to   provide  services, but also increases its power to protect students.

Larsen Close:


BAM Mendiola:


Please join me in continuing what President Obama has begun by electing one of the very FIRST openly gay, Latino, first generation, working class presidents in Whitman College history!   My dedication as a former ASWC senator and president of two diversity clubs has prepared me for the honor of serving as your ASWC president.

As president, I will create dialogue about diversity that actively promotes the inclusion of every student at Whitman.   We all have valuably diverse experiences and perspectives that are important for the symbiosis of our community.   Please join me in making history.

Thank You,

BAM Mendiola

Nadim Damluji:

My years of experience on ASWC allow me to recognize the problems   that face students, and give me the skills to institutionally solve   these problems.   As Programming Chair, Finance Senator, and Board of   Trustees’ student representative, I have continuously advocated for   student interests. As president I will continue to address   unforeseeable challenges with sound judgment. I promise to:

  • Make ASWC more autonomous in the face of Administrative cutbacks
  • Establish communication between Fraternities, Sororities, and Clubs   to obtain a  diversity of perspectives on key issues
  • Participate in discussions with Faculty and Staff   to make students’   interests clear


Nadim Damluji

Student Afffairs Chair:

Jordan Clark:

Hello there!   My name is Jordan Clark and I am running for Student Affairs Chair.   I’ve been involved with ASWC for three years as Chair of the ASWC Oversight Committee and as a junior senator on the ASWC Student Affairs Committee.

Here are a few policies I will pursue if elected:

  • Fighting back against the administration’s disproportionate cuts to student activities
  • Reforming Whitman’s archaic credit system
  • Increasing campus safety by working with the administration and campus security
  • Opening up a dialogue between Greek leadership and ASWC to identify common problems
  • Soliciting student input through tabling, advertised meetings, and surveys

Marcus Koontz:

Ben Franklin once said, “the older I grow, the more apt I am to doubt my own judgment, and to pay more respect to the judgment of others.” I invoke Franklin’s sentiment; my ideas about how to change ASWC are no better than yours.   We must doubt the idea of perfection in the ASWC Government and strive instead to improve it. To improve the government I will create an online forum where current and future policies are discussed and students contribute ideas and concerns. This should be a student driven government, with your help we can make it more so.

Ryan Lum:

The budget cuts that came from the president’s office are one of the biggest issues that affect all Whitman students. Clearly the economy is doing poorly, and student services will have to be cut. However, the way that the president’s office did so was unacceptable. They did so in secret without conferring with any students/student representation at all.       This lack of transparency from the president’s office is not unique to this year alone. Having served ASWC as a Student Affairs senator and Executive Council member, I know I have the capacity to change this paradigm.


Finance Chair:

Matt Dittrich:

My name’s Matt Dittrich, and I want to serve you.   I’m not talking about bringing you food, or engaging in a competitive dance-off with you, I’m talking about working nonstop to ensure that your ASWC dollars are spent wisely and that your quality of life exceeds standards previously set forth.   Since September, I have enjoyed the privilege of serving in the Senate.   Now, I’m asking for the privilege to serve you as Finance Chair.   Considering these trying economic times, some school programs will get cut; as Finance Chair, I promise to offset these adversities to the best of my ability.

Kiet Vo:


I would like to humbly submit my application for the office of     AWSC   Finance  Chair.   I have had extensive leadership   experience   as the   Budget Chair and co-President of the BSU,   the Sigma Chi   Philanthropy   Chair, and IFC Community  Relations   Chair. Among the   few goals I aim   to accomplish are:

  • Provide adequate funding for clubs
  • Take into account preferences of the student body in deciding the allocation of finances
  • Maintain responsible student finance while considering our current economic situation and the additional financial strain on students
  • Strengthen channels of communication between ASWC Finance and the student body



Programming Chair:

Mimi Cook:

As Programming Chair, I will promote greater student involvement in programming.   I will sustain open communication with students and groups so we can support the events you love and bring artists that appeal to your interests.

In light of the challenges facing Student Programming over the next year, I will search for new and positive ways to approach programming, including an increased focus on collaboration.

Ultimately, you have the power to control programming, and we are here to be your hands and feet.   Get involved!   Planning events is a fun and rewarding experience.  

I look forward to working with you.

Stephen Stradley:

Creativity. Enthusiasm. Inclusion. These traits of mine are more important than ever as budget cuts affect how ProgCom will affect the Whitman community. Programming at Whitman is in budget trouble and the changes that we need to make are not obvious, but I will work through every possible option and maintain high quality programming while striving to better reflect the community’s interests in our events. As a senator on ProgCom, I have gained the vital experience and an understanding of how ProgCom works and how we can make it better. I encourage you to contact me with your questions.

Nominations Chair:

Missy Navarro:

Coming into my fourth and final year here at Whitman, I look back on what I’ve done so far and how much more I can do to live it up with all of you. I can personally say that ASWC has given me those opportunities, as I served as a club rep, a junior class senator and as a Nominations Committee member. This committee provides everyone with a chance to have a hand in ASWC, which I can personally vouch for. I’d like to develop during my senior year as the Nominations Chair hoping to re-energize ASWC.