Whitman College announces plans for in-person spring semester

Emma Fletcher-Frazer, News Editor

In an email to the Whitman community on Friday, Oct. 30, President Kathy Murray announced that Whitman College plans to bring all students back to campus this spring. Classes will be a combination of in-person, hybrid, and remote.

Students are expected to return to Walla Walla by Monday, Jan. 18 and quarantine for two weeks. All classes will begin remotely during the second week of quarantine (Jan. 25-29), and will then transition into their respective proportion of in-person interactions after the quarantine period.

Students, faculty and staff who return to campus will be tested for the COVID-19 twice a week. The frequency of testing will be adjusted during the semester based on the progression of the coronavirus.

Tuition cost will remain the same as the fall semester (a 10 percent decrease from 2019-2020), regardless of whether a student chooses to take classes remotely and not return to campus or attend in-person.

Students who choose to live on campus will pay room and board costs. Their financial aid will be recalculated based on those expenses. Bon Appetit will provide food services for students living on campus.

Living and learning pods for first-year and second-year students will still occur.

Additional information is available on an FAQ page on the Whitman College website.