Registrar Updates Transcript Delivery Services

Maegan Nelson

Following recent changes in the Registrar’s Office, transcript delivery can now be achieved online. These changes make use of the programs Transcripts on Demand and eSCRIP-SAFE.

These two web delivery services allow students and alumni to request their transcripts online and then immediately send the transcripts to whatever source the customer desires. Previously, students or alumni had to go to the Registrar’s Office in Memorial Hall to request an official transcript, as this was the only way to ensure the security of the official document.

“Whenever a student needs a transcript, for a variety of reasons the only way that we can certify to the outside world that students are certified is through the transcript. We take care to make sure it’s secure,” said Ron Urban, Whitman’s registrar. “The official transcript is important because it demonstrates that you are qualified. We have recently worked with an outside vendor to provide an additional service on top of what we currently offer to students. Alumni will be impacted more by this than current students.”

Transcripts on Demand and eSCRIP-SAFE are secure electronic delivery services that work 24/7 to make sure that transcripts are always accessible. Both services charge a small $3.50 fee per transcript. While there is no charge for transcript requests made directly to the Registrar’s Office, the eSCRIP-SAFE presents a more effective method of tracking the delivery of transcripts.

“[The new service] is great. Life is more convenient,” said first-year at Whitman Erin Slomski-Pritz, who attended the University of Washington for two years before transferring to Whitman. “[At UW] we could get the official transcripts from a building so it was similar. UW is so big … so it’s just so nice [to have this program available].”

Sophomore Lindsey Holdren, a student academic adviser for the Reynolds section of Prentiss this semester, said that this program is “revolutionary” and will make things “easier” in the future. Holdren is excited about the upcoming changes, and looks forward to using them in the future.