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Required Attendance at Commencement Creates Conflicts for Seniors

North Bennett, News Writer March 3, 2016
Seniors are required to attend commencement to receive their diploma, barring an exemption. This still can create scheduling conflicts for seniors.
Students have demonstrated frustration with the current system for registration. Photo by Marra Clay.

Registrar’s office seeks to improve pre-registration

Sam Jacobson November 13, 2014

For students at Whitman, registration often means navigating the tricky business of choosing between classes, attempting to gain consent from professors and in some cases coping with less than ideal registration...

State of the State Provides Students Real-World Experience

State of the State Provides Students Real-World Experience

River Sterne October 23, 2013

At Whitman College, most students agree that their classes are vital in developing their personal and academic passions. Certain classes have a reputation for bringing the best out of students, allowing...

Registrar Updates Transcript Delivery Services

Maegan Nelson October 25, 2012

Following recent changes in the Registrar's Office, transcript delivery can now be achieved online. These changes make use of the programs Transcripts on Demand and eSCRIP-SAFE. These two web delivery...

Credit: Carrie Sloane

Waitlist system strives to meet student, professor needs

Karah Kemmerly January 27, 2011

After making adjustments to the logistics of waitlisting classes, the Registrar's Office still lacks an ideal method for placing waitlisted students into classes. Last April, the Registrar shifted...

Whitman should change its course registration system

Zach Duffy November 11, 2010

November 5 marked the beginning of Whitman's spring semester registration period, and with it the mad rush of students trying to get into their most desired classes. I watched on helplessly this past Friday...

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