Numbers in the news

Shelly Le


Percentage of children and adolescents aged two to 19 years-old in the United States who are obese.

17 million

Number of children in the United States who live in households struggling to put food on the table.

40 million

Number of people who received food stamps in the summer of 2010.

6 cents

The amount a wheat farmer can expect to receive per dollar spent on a loaf of bread.


Portion of an acre needed to produce food for a person following a low-fat vegetarian diet.


Acres needed to produce food for a person following a high-fat diet with a lot of meat.


The number of U.S. states that have more pigs than people: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina and South Carolina.


Number of physician-diagnosed pesticide poisonings that occur each year among the approximately 2 million U.S. agricultural workers.


The ratio of illness and injury for workers in “animal slaughtering and processing” compared to the national average for workers.

Sources:   CNN, The U.S. Census Bureau, The Worldwatch Institute, Science Daily, The Environmental Protection Agency, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.