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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Less energy it takes to make products from recycled plastic than from virgin plastic.

1 million

Pounds of material waste Americans generate per person every year, taking into account hazardous waste, construction debris and chemicals used for manufacturing.


Percentage of total waste Americans recycle.


Percent of Walla Walla residents that participate in the city’s recycling program.


Gallons of bottled water the average American consumes annually.


Number of plastic water bottles sold on campus.

$236 billion

Estimated annual revenue of the U.S. recycling industry.


Total percent of plastic used in the U.S. that is recyclable and becomes recycled.

11.6 million

Tons of paper and cardboard exported to China from the United States in 2009.


Average percentage of a recycled electronics that are sent to locations like Guiyu, China, where employed workers are paid an average of eight dollars a day.

Sources:   The University of Utah, Discover Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio (NPR), The Union Bulletin

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