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Recycling Reconsidered

Photos by Taj Howe
December 7, 2017

China currently processes the vast majority of the West Coast’s recycling, including the recycling from Whitman and Walla Walla. However, by the end of 2017, China will no longer accept some types...

Is Recycling Really As Important As We Think It Is?

December 3, 2015
If we are to have any hope of leaving behind a habitable world for future generations, we need to make lifestyle changes that are truly environmentally impactful—and we need to be brave enough to spread the word.

Unflattened cardboard boxes and the rules of recycling

Unflattened cardboard boxes and the rules of recycling
February 26, 2015

Crisp but warm sunshine fills the morning as sophomore Maddie Bailey reverses a maroon pickup truck from the Environmental Interest House (also known as Outhouse) garage. Two Outhouse residents and their...

Whitman recycling looks toward the future

Photo by Nikki Antenucci.
December 4, 2014

Whitman as an institution is generally regarded as environmentally conscious. However, while the college's recycling program is highly visible on campus, those who are involved say there is much more work...

Sustainable Walla Walla Makes Plans for Earth Day, Future Collaborations

February 7, 2013

Students, city council members and representatives from around the community gathered for a meeting of local working group Sustainable Walla Walla in the Walla Walla Public School District board room Tuesday...

Walla Walla to discontinue glass recycling

March 11, 2012

Should Walla Walla do away with glass recycling? This was the question presented to attendees of a Sustainability Committee meeting on Tues., March 6 at the Walla Walla City Hall. The committee accepted...

Numbers in the news

October 13, 2011

2/3 Less energy it takes to make products from recycled plastic than from virgin plastic. 1 million Pounds of material waste Americans generate per person every year, taking into account hazardous...

Colored glass not trash in Walla Walla

Credit: Von Hafften
December 2, 2009

A close look at Jewett Hall's glass recycling bins demonstrates the amount of confusion on campus over what types of glass can be recycled in Walla Walla. About a third of Jewett's bins warn that only...

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