This Week in ASWC

Rand Biersdorff

The second ASWC Senate Session took place Sunday evening. The Senate discussed changes made to by-laws that would affect the duties and operations of ASWC officers and programs. Contentious topics included Town Hall attendance requirements for club representatives, whether ASWC officers may hold positions of club leadership, and clarification surrounding ASWC funding of clubs who host events where alcohol is served.   The next Senate session will be Sunday November 16 at 7 p.m. in RCC 207 and is open to the student body.

The Senate also discussed the criteria used for approving student requests of the nascent “Savings Fund.” The ASWC Finance Committee will be holding a forum on the matter TODAY, Nov. 6 during their weekly Thursday meeting, 4:00 p.m. in RCC 207. All students are welcome to attend.

Applications are now available for Public Speakers Director, Public Events Director, Films Director (term: academic year ’09-’10) and Pioneer Editor-in-Chief (term: Spring ’09-Fall’09).   Applications are available online at: Look out for emails with more information. Applications are due THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13th at MIDNIGHT. Please direct questions to Nominations Chair Julia Nelson at [email protected].