Open Letter to the random peer my friend group is obsessed with

Grace Canny, This Cannot Be Used As Evidence Against Me In A Court of Law

You. You know who you are. I feel like we’ve made it obvious, with our giggles and hushed whispers. We haven’t done a great job of hiding it. As soon as we see you, we notify the others. How could we not? It’s you, the random peer we decided to be obsessed with. You warrant all attention onto you in every room you enter. You are the object of our friend group’s desires, the bane of our existences.

What drew us to you was your walk. So distinct. We spotted you across Ankeny, then the SAC. You don’t blend in with the others, and that’s what we love about you! You have this bounce in your step that no one could ever capture. You walk with an indescribable verve and pomp that roped us in and will never let us go. We may be infatuated with you for as long as we live.

We paid attention to your social habits. That was something else we loved about you, how you were always so friendly to everyone. It became a game to us, ‘Did you see them in Cleve with ___?!’ You are so impossible to pin down. Your mind so open, your personality so unique. No one else on this campus holds a single flame to you. We couldn’t be as captivated with someone lesser.

Another thing we can’t get enough of is your STYLE. The outfits you create never cease to amaze us. You fully demonstrate that less is often more. Some might call it boring, basic or mid, but to us, you could wear a grocery bag and still strut across Ankeny. The slight variations in your look indicated to us what words could never say. A hat, maybe you are having a bad hair day. Closed toe shoes, maybe feeling insecure about your toe shape.

We can’t pin down exactly when it all began. Our minds hooked on you the way autumn changes the leaves, piece by piece until suddenly an amber forest is before you. We hope this season never changes.