Summer 2020 internships newly posted to Handshake

Madeline Kemp, Lean, Mean, Fighting Cuisine

It’s your lucky day Whitties! Check your inboxes – all of them, spam included – to explore the plethora of employment options for this summer, freshly updated this fall on Handshake. We all know and love the big yellow hand of Handshake, the social networking platform connecting students to potential employers, brought to you courtesy of the college.

The beauty of Handshake as opposed to more mainstream platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed or Glassdoor, is that it’s matching algorithms work with you to connect you to positions that likely push you out of your comfort zone.

For instance, you may indicate that you are a student in Walla Walla, so Handshake will offer you full-time positions in the Tri-Cities. Why not see if balancing that kind of schedule and commute is a skill you can add to your professional repertoire? 

You might have let Handshake know that you are studying in the social sciences, so it may recommend to you that you be a camp counselor or water treatment plant technician – let’s see how we can keep you nice and well-rounded.

Since Handshake is just so niche, some may call it underground, very few employers use it or check their profiles regularly. This means that only a select few connections can be made via this specific platform, and you know you’ve really struck gold if anything pans out. You don’t really have to worry if your resume is totally polished, because Handshake is a great place to send resumes, CVS and cover letters galore out into the ether and never know if their intended recipient got them at all.

Now, buckle up for the maybe-could-have-worked-out-a-few-months-ago opportunities hot off the Handshake presses in your student profile. Handshake seems to believe that summer jobs are now being delivered at lightning speed and concentration; three months worth being crammed into mere days. A month into the fall semester is not too late to cling to those last days of summer; relish them properly by snagging the dream internship you had never previously dreamt of, all via Handshake.