Biden team allegedly spends campaign funds at local yard sale

Rachel Husband, Unregistered Voter

Flying high off his recent success at the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden and his campaign staff have been busy preparing for the upcoming election this November. However, this didn’t stop him from enjoying some leisure time over the weekend. In his trademark aviators and dashing jean jacket, the handsome former Vice President and Democratic Nominee was spotted this weekend perusing a garage sale in rural Pennsylvania alongside running mate Kamala Harris.

Biden said to reporters, “I’ve got some good stuff here, a nice lamp, an unused rectal thermometer, a painting of Jesus playing soccer, a resin cast photo of Jason Sudekis and a shoe horn. Look, they’re all in good condition, too. I can whittle this guy down to eleven dollars for the whole lot cause that’s how we do it in Delaware.” He proceeded to show reporters his eleven dollars, winking.

In response, President Trump tweeted, “Sneaky Joe Biden is using campaign dollars to steal quality items from hard-working Americans. No decent shoe horn is worth less than five dollars. #collusion #thismathaintright.” Biden had no comment on the tweet except to describe how he was robbed of a nickel on a train car during his youth. Goodwill retweeted the President commenting, “He’s got a point though #shoehornappreciation.”

Senator Harris denied the spending allegations. She had no such luck in finding items at the sale and said, “This is what I love about Joe, his ability to be interested in the shittiest things: broken lamps, America, the presidency. I came here looking for a decent bicycle so I could cycle out of this place, but no such luck. I did find a Blu-Ray copy of Life of Pi though.”