Live from Walla Walla, Washington

Maddie Ott, President of TKE

Now, as I understand, there are approximately 400 students left on Whitman campus, which means that around 800 to 900 students have left. In this article, I plan to appeal to the masses and sort out what is fiction and what is fact. Some of you may be wondering what actually goes on in Walla Walla now. The campus has closed down, a fraction of underclassmen remain in the dorms, and we only see Kathy Murray from her dining room or sporadically at Safeway.

Well, here’s the honest truth, those at Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) have built a 12-hole golf course in their backyard, everyone staying on campus has suddenly become immensely friendly and people still really love White Claw. If you’re wondering if you are missing out on raging campus life, you’re not. The only thing you’re missing out on are allergies. 

However, I’d say that the most fun I’ve had during quarantine has been finding random Whitman students and relishing the content they’ve produced. There truly is a side of people that you completely seem to miss when you’re only in classes with them. The only thing better than TikTok is seeing your professors walking around campus. I saw one of my sociology professors walking towards Maxey the other day, and I truly leaked a tear. It was almost as if a long lost parent was returning home to surprise me after being deployed from Iraq.

See you all soon! I hope no one is being reckless and stupid. XOXO