Post for mom’s birthday also chance to prove parents used to be hot

Maude Lustig, Female Comedian

To commemorate her mother’s birthday, local daughter Samantha Loughlin dug through the family archives for the perfect throwback picture to showcase both the wonderful person her mother is, and her mom’s pre-baby bod. 

“I think this photo will be a fun throwback for my mom. I want to remind her of how beautiful she used to be,” Samantha said. “And, as an added bonus, some people might think, ‘Wow, guess the whole family’s hot.’” 

Samantha’s chosen photo depicts Mom on the beach with a carefree smile and a sweater drooping off her shoulder. She’s looking saucily at the camera, as one would look at a lover. In fact, she may have gotten laid just that morning.

To draw attention to the similarities between herself and her mother, Samantha went with the caption, “Got it from my momma. Happy birthday to the woman that raised me! So grateful to share 50% of your genes.” 

Samantha’s mom noticed the photo at noon the next day when she checked her Instagram app out of boredom. She thanked her daughter, commenting, “Where’d you get this old photo? Love you hun.” It was reportedly the only correspondence they had that week. 

Among the commenters on the post was Samantha’s high school boyfriend who came out of the woodwork to say, “Mrs. L looking fine as always.” Samantha gave a like to comments from her friend Gracie who said, “You guys look so much alike!” and amateur photographer Peter who wrote, “Damn.”

Overall, based on the number of likes and comments, Samantha considers the post a success. The response has reinforced her decision to not use a more current photo.

“I think that would just bum everyone out,” Samantha said.

For her father’s upcoming birthday, Samantha has the perfect photo of her dad shirtless holding baby Samantha to his chest — a total DILF.